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It rested for the longest centuries,

the purest extract of our tradition

refined with the unequivocal method Palladian Routes.


Reserved Access

Just for real


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Always included, every day

An enjoyable breakfast

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Activities Tailor Made

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Naturally safe

Naturally, our vacations is made of exclusive spaces and itineraries, discreet and away from crowds. 

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Naturally, every detail is made with the maximum care, so that every worry will be a distant memory.

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Refund Guaranteed

We guarantee full refund of your reservation

in case of cancellation due to restrictive measures
for the sanitary emergency,

also the day before departure. 

Itineraries for everyone

All Palladian Routes itineraries are made with care to grant a fully satisfying experience.

We deeply love our territories and know every meter of them.

Every day we will narrate a fascinating story

in which to immerse,

between unexpected landscapes,

extraordinary works of art, refined wines and other authentic excellencies of our Lands.

How to choose ?

For those who are passionate, we have also longer journeys, so that you can easily reach Venice, the Garda Lake or Asolo and Treviso.

But what we though about is to offer daily programs in which you will travel for a maximum of three hours in total.


How to choose?


Let's talk about it together:

we are at your disposal to help you tailor the perfect vacation for your needs. 

Assistance 7 / 7

To explore our itinerary with the maximum freedom,

does not mean to be lonely,

should you need anything.

Our assistance office is open every day, all-day,



We have a network of partners all round our territory

so that,within an hour from the advisory of any kind of accident, we will reach you with the solution.

Group Solution

Being part of a group means to share emotions and satisfactions of every single moment during your day

spent on saddle.


Or Tour Leaders will be the ones guiding you:

friendly, great communicators, experts of the territory and capable mechanics, whenever it may be necessary:

real travel companions,

with all the discretion.

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Gran Riserva


Every itinerary has its own unique elegant fragrance, offered to our guests

for them to discover

with their eyes and taste.

Every day is a new taste

of pleasure and beauty,

of gentle sharing and dedication.

Another ancient itinerant story from the reserve of experiences by Palladian Routes.

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